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HCG Diet Getting Started Guide

How to Get Started on HCG Diet injections for Weight Loss

Step 1 Get Your Head Into It

What do I mean when I say “Get You Head Into It”? Make sure you are absolutely ready to follow the HCG diet completely. Your commitment will help insure your success. If you’re going into it already planning on cheating or wondering if you are going to be able to stick to the HCG food plan, then you’re probably not ready. I was successful because I stuck to the HCG diet religiously. If you’re not 100% committed to following the HCG Diet Plan, then you should probably wait.

How Do You Know If You Are Ready For The HCG Diet

Something I used to witness at our office, was how many individuals came in thinking that HCG was magic, and that because the diet incorporates a doctor prescribed medication, that the rest didn’t matter. Simply by signing up, it seemed that some felt that they were guaranteed to lose weight. You would be shocked by how many individuals would call us saying the HCG didn’t work, and that they wanted their money back. Upon questioning them about the diet, 100% of the individuals who claimed the HCG was “bad” or that it didn’t work, didn’t actually follow the diet. Some claimed they ate the correct foods, but not in the correct portions or amount. Other claimed they simply ate whatever they wanted. And of course, there are also those who said they followed it perfectly, but come to find out, they didn’t understand the diet. Some would site right through the training with the nutritionist, the prescription with the doctor, and ignore everything we told them, because they had it in their mind that they were going to magically lose weight.

The HCG Diet Protocol works if you follow the protocol, with 100% compliance. You just have to make sure you are completely dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to make sure you are successful.

Get Your Mind Right!

Step 2 Determine How Much Weight You Have To Lose

Get your weight, and your goal weight. If you have never been down to weight that you are comfortable with, it’s best just to set a conservative preliminary goal. Remember you can always re-assess your goals later, as you continue on your successful path of weight loss on HCG Injections.

How Fast Can You Lost Weight On The HCG Diet?

After you have determined a weight loss goal, figure out how long it should take to lose it. Be conservative here as well. Often, individuals get caught up on what a friend or family member lost while on the HCG Diet, and think it should be exactly the same. Every person is different, and has a different metabolic rate, body mass, fat mass, activity levels, and genetic. Also, remember that the heavier a person is, the faster they can generally lose weight. Don’t expect to lose weight as fast as someone who weighs 50-100lbs more than you. Their body will inevitably burn more calories than you, because their body has more mass to sustain. You have probably often heard that muscle burns calories, well so does fat tissue, and the hear, and brain, and pretty much all of your living tissue. It all burns calories, and contributes to a different metabolic rate.

Cmon Gals and Guys, Be Realistic

For starters, HCG isn’t magic, and the diet doesn’t magically work exactly the same for each person as long as you follow it to the letter. For most, burning between 2-5 lbs is normal on the HCG Diet. If you are a woman who only weighs 150 lbs to start however, you will probably not lost 3-5 lbs per week. You will likely lose more like 2 lbs per week.

Step 3 Set a Goal

Planning is a key element to weight loss. If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. Also, remember you aren’t only planning on how much weight you will lose, or how much HCG you are supposed to take. You should keep the following factors in mind in your planning process.

  • Determing your goal date (this may change along the way)
  • Find a support team or partner to do the diet with
  • Have backup plans for when things get tough
  • PLAN for rewards (not only from losing weight, but from following through on compliance)

Step 4 Find a Diet Plan that Works for You

Plan your diet a little. Decide what foods will work best for you, and go out and purchase them before you even start. Choose foods that are nutrient dense, yet satisfy you. Choose foods that you love, yet keep you full and don’t cause you to overeat or want more.

For reference, before you order HCG Injections, check out the HCG diet plan and the food list. Choose the foods that you know will fill you up, satisfy you, and make you happy.

Step 5 Find a Medical Provider and Order a HCG Diet Kit

To be totally honest, the suppliers we recomend, give us a very small kickback for each client we send their way. Rest assured that we actually care about our followers, and we stand 100% behind those that we work with. Not only that, we have used each HCG Diet Provider that we recomend on our website. We have even tested the HCG (via pregnancy strips) each provider and found that they come up positive for HCG in their product.

Pure, Pharmacy HCG Injections

This is great news, because there are a LOT of people who get ripped off online. There are a lot of bunk suppliers in China, India, etc, that rip a lot of people off. Some people go through the entire diet not knowing how much easier it SHOULD have been because they are basically intecting water into their system, and staving themselves to lose weight.

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