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Buy hCG Injections Online - US hCG Injection Kits & Tablets - TrustedHCG

Buy hCG Injections Online - US hCG Injection Kits & Tablets - TrustedHCG
Buy hCG Injections Online - US hCG Injection Kits & Tablets - TrustedHCG

You can safely purchase HCG injections online below from our favorite clinics. They sell authentic, prescription-grade hCG injections. Purchasing is safe, secure, and can be completed within just a few minutes. The vials and supplies will be shipped directly to your door.

Below is our list of favorite HCG providers and options. TrustedHCG visitors have access to an exclusive $210 OFF instant discount on a 30-day service and a $60 OFF discount on a 25-day HCG injection service! CLICK HERE TO VIEW OFFER.

Can't handle HCG injections? Rejuvi Medical is now offering sublingual HCG troches! Click here to see troche options.

APRIL 2017 UPDATE: Rejuvi is giving TrustedHCG readers an exclusive 10% off coupon code that CAN BE USED WITH THE DISCOUNT ABOVE!! Feel free to double dip on the discounts this month!! Use code: TRUSTED10 when you checkout with Rejuvi!
Choice 1: Rejuvi Medical
Purchase HCG from Rejuvi Medical

Why do I love Rejuvi Medical?

Includes a 25+ or 50+ Day Supply of HCG Shots
Offers sublingual troches for those who don't want injections
A Prescription for HCG Injections is Included in the Price
All the supplies necessary for Mixing and Injecting HCG
An HCG Diet Manual, Food Log, and Weight Log are included
You get your own HCG Diet Coach
FREE Shipping is included
Great for Individuals Who Want a Medically Prescribed Program, For the best Price!

When you buy from Rejuvi Medical through us, you get an exclusive $60 discount on the 25+ day kit, and a $210 discount on the 50+ day kit.

rejuvi medical hcg
You must use this link in order to have the discount automatically applied!

One of the best things about Rejuvi Medical is that they make it easy for everyone to get started with the HCG diet protocol. Often times the first hurdle for people to overcome is the intitial ordering of supplies. Rejuvi takes care of everything for you and if you have any questions they are available via phone or online chat. That's exactly what sets them apart - their dedication to help eager yet nervous shoppers.

Another great benefit of Rejuvi is the great discount that they have offered to our readers. Below is a price comparison chart we put together to show the Rejuvi Medical and NuImage Medical regular prices compared to the TrustedHCG discount. Again, thank you Rejuvi for offering our readers such a fantastic discount!

Quick Price Comparison Chart
Rejuvi Medical 50 Day Supply$500
Rejuvi Medical 50 Day Supply with TrustedHCG Discount$300
Rejuvi Medical 25 Day Supply$250
Rejuvi Medical 25 Day Supply with TrustedHCG Discount$200
NuImage 25 Day Supply$297
NuImage 46 Day Supply$397
Choice 2: NuImage Medical
prescription hcg from rejuvi

Why do I love NuImage Medical?

Includes a 26 or 46 Day Supply of HCG Injections
A Prescription for HCG Injections is Included in the Price
All the supplies necessary for Mixing and Injecting HCG
They provide you with a instructions on the entire diet
Coaching and Medical Support is Available
Great for Individuals Who want to be Walked Through The Program!

NuImage Resources

FAQ Ordering Instructions

If you want to know more about why I chose to go with these companies, click the read more link on the company you have more questions about. Check out my list below to see the criteria that each of the companies had to meet to make my strict list of HCG Diet Providers.

  • Each provider offers real HCG Injections online
  • They provide medical grade HCG from US compounding pharmacies (and I have the proof)
  • The suppliers below ALL include a prescription for HCG Injections
  • They all provide mixing and injection directions with the kit
  • Mixing Supplies and Injection Supplies are all included
  • Each company provides HCG Diet Coaching
  • Each site is SSL secured and have regular security scans to ensure your info is SAFE.

A short video showing the contents of a typical HCG injection kit

Where Can I order HCG Injections Online?

If you arrived here from a Google search, you should consider reading the weight loss journey my husband and I went through with the HCG Diet by clicking the Our Story link at the top of the page. If you want to find out where to purchase HCG injections online then continue on. Whether you are a do-it-yourself type of person, or someone who likes a guide, I have scoured the internet and have found the best resources for the HCG Diet plan, including a list of my favorite online telemedicine providers of the HCG Diet.

Above, I have listed my favorite places to order HCG Injections online that meet my high expectations.

Purchase HCG Injections Online The Safe Way

Before you purchase HCG Shots online, be sure you are getting real HCG Injections. TrustedHCG may receive a commision if you purchase HCG injections online through one of the listed clinics which helps with costs of running this blog. We only partner with clinics WE trust to refer YOU to, and in the case of Rejuvi Medical, they have offered to give TrustedHCG readers the best deal online for HCG kits.

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Hi, my name is Donna and my husbands name is Stan. Looking at us back in 1973 when we got married, most people wouldn't guess that over 30 years later, we would lose 155 pounds between us. We were so successful on the HCG Protocol that we opened a local clinic, and over the next few years I had the privilege of coaching hundreds of clients. I helped them with recipes, sticking to the Protocol, and lots more. I loved seeing them smile wider and step higher as they watched the pounds melt away. And I'd love to help you, too. I will answer as many questions as is physically possible, with a little help from Stan (the male perspective). Plus, many of your querries may be answered in the stories and Questions within this web site. So read on. We have a lot to share.

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