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My Guide to The HCG Diet Protocol!
By Donna Mae

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In 2007, we had to drive 4 hours to see a Doctor who could get us started on the HCG Diet. Back then it was confusing. Now it's much simpler and less expensive. We have scoured the internet and made a list of our favorite online suppliers.

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The HCG Diet Plan

I'm alarmed at the amount of ridiculously stupid HCG information out there on the Internet. Our years of experience have helped us cut through all the crap in order to provide a simple, and very effective HCG plan that anyone can do it.

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Does HCG Work for Weight Loss?

Does HCG Work? Yes. But HOW HCG works and What HCG actually helps with while following the low calorie diet is the most unanswered question.

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Why We Started Our HCG Diet Blog

Hi, my name is Donna and my husband is this funny and handsome guy, Stan. Looking at us back in 1973 when we got married, most people wouldn't guess that 35 years later, we would lose 155 pounds between us. We were so successful on the HCG Protocol that we opened a local clinic, and over the next few years I had the privilege of coaching hundreds of clients. I helped them with recipes, sticking to the Protocol, and lots more. I loved seeing them smile wider and step higher as they watched the pounds melt away. And I'd love to help you, too. I will answer as many questions as is physically possible, with a little help from Stan (the male perspective). Plus, many of your querries may be answered in the stories and Questions within this web site. So read on. We have a lot to share.
- HCG Donna Mae and Stan the Man

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As the Captain of this ship:
"I am here to inspire and guide you"

HCG Donna Mae

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As the navigator:
"I am here to keep us honest and grounded!"

Stan the Man

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